Fight against climate change

Create your own cloud with CHAtU and join the zero paper use initiative, creating and sharing your files in electronic format. In addition to taking care of the environment, you will save paper, printing costs and storage space.

What can you do with CHAtU?

Create a private network

If you do not have your own network, with one or more CHAtU devices you can create your network, connected or NOT to the Internet. With it, you can save information locally on your device or remotely, share it and manage user groups with your access permissions.

Expand your Wi-Fi coverage

CHAtU expands the reach of the Wi-Fi network, connects to your network and relays the amplified signal. In this way, when the Wi-Fi signal is weak, CHAtU amplifies and improves the coverage.

Save and share files

The content manager of CHAtU allows you to easily store and manage documents and share them with who you want, through the Wi-Fi network, whether it’s connected to the internet or not. You can configure access privileges for restricted or public use.

Charge the phone wirelessly

CHAtU is also a compatible Qi battery charger. This technology has become the wireless charging standard, launched by the Wireless Power Consortium to transfer energy for short-range magnetic induction.

your own cloud

Share your documents in electronic format

and join the #zeropaper use initiative

Advantages for a large number of activities

CHAtU allows all types of businesses and organizations to create or expand Wi-Fi networks, share documents more easily, brochures, photos and other digital files between members of the organization or with the public, and have charging points for mobiles, or offering them to their customers and users.

Hotels, restaurants, fairgrounds, information points, campsites, cultural centers, educational centers, consultants, offices in general and many other companies and organizations have the possibility to offer value-added services to their clients and users and improve their document management with CHAtU.

A model for every need

You can choose among the various CHAtU models: from the CHAtU Q1, which offers the wireless charging functionality of the mobile battery, to the CHAtU Q4, which also allows you to create a private Wi-Fi network and have a cloud server to save and share files, and that incorporates the WebApp for content and user management.

Custom solutions

By combining different CHAtU devices and models, we can design sophisticated solutions to improve connectivity, communication and document management in companies, public services, tourist establishments … Expose us your needs and we will offer you a customized solution.