Tourism Offices Solutions

Breaking barriers in management and customer service in the information poin

Tourism Offices Solutions

Breaking barriers in management and customer service in the information point

The digital revolution reaches tourist information

CHAtU helps the tourist offices to take a decisive step towards digital formats in informative materials, through technology solutions based on wireless communication, facilitating the management and updating of files, enabling access to Information outside the opening hours and that allow to offer services of added value to the user.

All this with additional benefits of economic, resource and space savings to the point of information and the improvement of the image of the tourist destination among its visitors.

With CHAtU you can …

Create your own wireless network

Save and share files via Wi-Fi

Expand Wi-Fi coverage

Charge your cellphone wirelessly

Applications at the Tourism Office

Tourist information, on the visitor’s device with a single click

With the CHAtU mini-server and its own Wi-Fi network, you can put the tourist information available to users of information points in digital format. Users will be able to easily access via mobile phone or tablet via QR code, NFC reader or browser and they will be able to check and download files of their interest.

Benefit from the advantages of digital formats

The digital format allows you to edit high-quality information documents, with lower costs than printed materials and with the added value of formats such as video or sound and links to online maps or webpages. With the CHAtU WebApp, it is very easy and fast to save, classify and keep updated the informative elements of your own and those of local providers, in digital format.

Keep the service outside the opening hours

When the information center remains closed to the public, users who are within range of your network can connect to the server and access the information desk. In this way, you can create a virtual office available every day, 24 hours, and guarantee the visitor that he will always have the basic information of the destination at his fingertips.

Provide added value services to users

CHAtU devices can provide users of tourist information services such as the free internet access through its Wi-Fi network or service battery of the mobile wirelessly. These services can add value to your business, help improve the image of the destination and retain visitors.

Solutions for Tourist Offices with CHAtU technology

Spread your information wherever you want

The CHAtU devices are very easy to carry and install. Because they are small and lightweight, they can easily change locations. In addition, long battery models offer you great autonomy.

Any establishment can easily convert it to a tourist information point by installing your CHAtU. In the information offices, at the stands of fairs … wherever you install your CHAtU devices, it will carry your private Wi-Fi network and all the features of the CHAtU.

Your files, safe

With CHAtU can protect access to your information with multiple layers of security that let you manage and share confidential documents with the same mini-server for internal use and public information simultaneously.

To configure the security level you need, you can connect your Wi-Fi network to the internet, protect it with an access password, configure users with different access permissions, and restrict access to certain folders and archives In addition, disconnecting the CHAtU will turn off the network and no document will be accessible.

Save costs, time and space at the information point.

With the digital format, you will save on printing, transporting, storing and exposing informational materials, which will save you resources and time and will make the task of informers easier and more enjoyable. Replacing the printed materials for the dissemination of information in digital format, the CHAtU solutions help you gain space at the point of information and to develop a more sustainable activity, among other advantages:


Less paper

Reduce costs

Save time

Save space

Improve quality

Satisfied users


Share files easily


With total security


A model for every need

You can choose between the various models of CHAtU, which offer different levels of performance.

Customized solutions

We can advise you to design the solution that best suits your needs.

Reduce the use of paper with the publication and distribution of your files in electronic format. You will save on printing costs while taking care of the environment.