Solutions for the promotion of heritage

Share the value of your heritage properties by creating Virtual Information Points with CHAtU

Solutions for the promotion of heritage

Share the value of your heritage properties by creating Virtual Information Points with CHAtU

 CHAtU, the solution to offer information on your heritage properties in situ

With CHAtU, administrations and estate management entities can offer to the public a permanent information service on their cultural and natural heritage properties, at their location. The creation of a CHAtU Virtual Information Point allows you to set up a wireless network and have a local cloud server, in order to instantly make available to the visitors the guides and other information in digital format.

Why a virtual information point?

Promotion is key to preservation

Providing information about the local cultural, historical and natural heritage is important to bring it into value and contribute to its preservation. An asset without information does not adequately transmit its value and therefore it will be more difficult to protect its integrity. 

Always available

By creating a virtual information point you will make the information available to the visitors 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Whether the asset has an information office or not, the visitors can reach the information through their cellphones at any time.

The solution for remote locations

With CHAtU it is possible to create an autonomous wireless network and have a cloud server even being out of range of the mobile networks or any other access to the internet. This allows you to create Virtual Information Points in isolated or remote heritage elements.

The digital format, efficient and sustainable

Using CHAtU to provide information about your heritage will help you promote its value while moving towards the “zero paper” objective and protecting the environment. In information offices, using CHAtU is a great saving in printing, transportation and storage of informative materials and helps reduce CO2 emissions.

How it works?

Create a CHAtU Virtual Information Point and put the information within the reach of the visitors in 4 steps


Installation of devices

The elements needed to create the information point are a CHAtU Q4* device and an interaction point that displays a QR code and the cloud access URL.

* It is necessary to have a connection point to the electrical network.


Creating the wireless network

The CHAtU Q4 device generates a Wi-Fi or wireless network of local reach. The scope of the network can be expanded according to the requirements, interconnecting two or more devices.


Upload the files to the cloud

CHAtU is a cloud server that allows you to upload and share all kinds of files. With the CHAtU WebApp it is very easy to manage the files and update them quickly.


The visitors get the information

The visitors that are within the reach area of the Wi-Fi network can connect to the local cloud using the QR code or the web address, and download the guides and other documents to their device.

Promote your heritage



Architectural heritage

Archaeological sites

Monumental or historical assemblies

Historic houses and shops

Monumental trees

Places of cultural, natural or scenic interest

Some examples of Virtual Information Points created with CHAtU in heritage properties:

A solution for every asset

Each heritage property requires a solution tailored to its specific conditions. Our customized solutions range from the purchase of the devices together with self-management manuals and technical support, to integral solutions that can include:

  • The integration of the devices in the area of the heritage element.
  • The creation of the interaction points for the users.
  • The uploading and update of the contents to the cloud server.
  • The monitoring of the information point performance.
  • Reports with usage and performance statistics.

Contact us

If you want to learn more about the possibilities of integrating a CHAtU Virtual Information Point into your heritage assets, do not hesitate to contact us. Our technicians will study your specific needs and will provide the most appropriate solutions.

Reduce the use of paper with the publication and distribution of your files in electronic format. You will save on printing costs while taking care of the environment.