Solutions for stores


Solutions for stores

Your offer, more accessible to the public

With CHAtU solutions, commercial establishments can have their own Wi-Fi network and a mini-server where they can save and share files, so that the public can access at any time the commercial offer and services with their mobile, both from inside as outside the premises. In addition, the functionalities of CHAtU devices allow businesses to offer value-added services to their customers and differentiate themselves from their competitors, as well as project an image of modernity with the adoption of state-of-the-art technological resources, without large investments.

With CHAtU you can …

Create your own wireless network

Save and share files via Wi-Fi

Expand Wi-Fi coverage

Charge your cellphone wirelessly

Advantages of CHAtU solutions for stores

Your offer, on the client’s device with just one click

With the CHAtU mini-server and its Wi-Fi network, you can share your catalog of products or services and your offers in digital format. The public can easily access with their cellphone or tablet using QR code, NFC reader or browser and can consult and download the files.

Keep access to information out of opening hours

When your establishment is closed to the public, placing a QR code in the shop window allows users to connect to the network and access your offer. In this way, you can create a virtual showcase available every day, 24 hours, and guarantee the visitor that you will always have the basic information of your establishment within reach.

Benefit from the advantages of digital formats

The digital format allows you to edit high quality documents, with less costs than printed materials and with the advantage that you can keep them updated at all times. With the WebApp of CHAtU it is very easy and fast to save, classify and publish your files in digital format, without relying on third parties.

Provide added value services to users

With CHAtU devices, you can offer your customers complementary services that enhance their experience and that are useful, such as access to digital publications, free Wi-Fi connection on the internet or the wireless cellphone battery charging service . These services can add value to your activity, improve your image and build customer loyalty.

Some examples of application of CHAtU solutions:

Real estate agencies

  • The catalog of properties always updated and accessible with the cellphone, both with the premises open and after opening hours
  • Provide your clients with access to documentation and useful resources such as mortgage simulators or energy efficiency regulations, among others.

Car dealers

  • Publish your vehicle catalog in digital format so that customers can check and download, both when the dealership is open or closed.
  • Offer useful downloadable information to your clients, such as financing, vehicle insurance, regulations and driving advice, etc.
  • Share test articles and brand releases.

Travel agencies

  • Keep all your travel offer accessible when the agency is closed.
  • Offer useful information about tourist destinations and other travel content to your customers.
  • Give your clients access to exclusive information of restricted access, such as the specifications of the insurance, forms, etc.

Your Wi-Fi server, wherever you want

CHAtU devices are very easy to transport and install. Because they are small and lightweight, you can change its place easily. In addition, models with long battery life offer great autonomy.

Any space can easily become a point of attention and commercial promotion by installing your CHAtU. In your premises, at trade shows, exhibitions … Wherever you install your CHAtU devices, you will take your private Wi-Fi network and all the features of CHAtU.

Your files, safe

With CHAtU can protect access to your information with multiple layers of security that let you manage and share confidential documents with the same mini-server for internal use and public information simultaneously.

To configure the security level you need, you can connect your Wi-Fi network to the internet, protect it with an access password, configure users with different access permissions, and restrict access to certain folders and archives In addition, disconnecting the CHAtU will turn off the network and no document will be accessible.

Save costs, time and space in your premises

With the digital format you will save printing, transporting, storing and exposing your informative and commercial materials, which will allow you to save resources and time and will make the task of your commercial team easier and more enjoyable. By replacing printed materials with information in digital format, CHAtU solutions help you develop a more sustainable activity, among other advantages:


Less paper

Reduce costs

Save time

Save space

Improve quality

Satisfied users


Share files easily


With total security


A model for every need

You can choose between the various models of CHAtU, which offer different levels of performance.

Customized solutions

We can advise you to design the solution that best suits your needs.

Reduces the use of paper with the publication and distribution of your files in electronic format. You will save on printing costs while taking care of the environment.