An answer for every need


An answer for every need

The new system of document management and connectivity flexible and secure

The connectivity and document management solutions based on CHAtU wireless communication, have applications in a large number of activities. With CHAtU, it is very easy to have a Wi-Fi network and share documents more efficiently in digital format between members of the organization itself or with the public, without the need for large investments or complex installations. Due to its flexibility, there is an ideal CHAtU solution for each activity.

With CHAtU you can …

Create your own wireless network

Save and share files via Wi-Fi

Expand Wi-Fi coverage

Charge your cellphone wirelessly

Take communications, file management and customer service to another level with CHAtU:

Professional Offices

Legal and tax advice and professional offices in general can create its own private Wi-Fi network and share files securely between the members of the office with the document manager. These files can be made invisible to external people, who can access to other open information.

Meeting rooms

Set up a restricted access Wi-Fi network in your meeting room and allow participants to access documents, with their devices. Generate special folders with access permissions so that participants can upload and share files with the rest.

Waiting rooms

Differentiate yourself from your competitors and gain the loyalty to your customers by offering value-added services in your office, such as internet connection via Wi-Fi, access to digital publications or battery charging of the cellphone wirelessly.


With one or more CHAtU devices, it is very easy and fast to create a Wi-Fi network in the conference room so that the audience can access and download the files they want to share on their devices, saving themselves from printing and distributing documents. You can also allow participants to share files with you and the rest of the public.


For both convention centers and event organizers, CHAtU solutions allow you to distribute the documentation among the participants easily and quickly, through your own Wi-Fi network, segment the users and documents by groups and keep it accessible at all times.


In the field of training, whether in courses, master classes, seminars or other face-to-face formats, CHAtU solutions allow teachers to generate a Wi-Fi network in an instant to share files and resources in digital format with the class, and create shared folders so that students can upload their files.

Your Wi-Fi server, wherever you want

​CHAtU devices are very easy to transport and install. Because they are small and lightweight, you can change its place easily. In addition, models with long battery life offer great autonomy.

Any space can easily become a point of attention and commercial promotion by installing your CHAtU. In your premises, at trade shows, exhibitions … Wherever you install your CHAtU devices, you will take your private Wi-Fi network and all the features of CHAtU.

Your files, safe

​With CHAtU can protect access to your information with multiple layers of security that let you manage and share confidential documents with the same mini-server for internal use and public information simultaneously.

To configure the security level you need, you can connect your Wi-Fi network to the internet, protect it with an access password, configure users with different access permissions, and restrict access to certain folders and archives In addition, disconnecting the CHAtU will turn off the network and no document will be accessible.

Save costs, time and space with digital formats

With the digital format you can distribute and make your documents and informational materials accessible, without the need to print or distribute them, which will save you time, space and resources, among many other advantages:


Less paper

Reduce costs

Save time

Save space

Improve quality

Satisfied users


Share files easily


With total security


A model for every need

You can choose between the various models of CHAtU, which offer different levels of performance.

Customized solutions

We can advise you to design the solution that best suits your needs.

Reduces the use of paper with the publication and distribution of your files in electronic format. You will save on printing costs while taking care of the environment.