Solutions for fairs and conferences

 Solutions for fairs and conferences

Distinguish yourself from your competition and win in public image

CHAtU devices introduce a new way to manage communications, disseminate information and facilitate the connectivity of professionals in the fairgrounds. With CHAtU solutions it is very simple to have a Wi-Fi network, whether open or private, and a mini-server where you can save and share files over the network, and even a wireless cellphone charger. At your booth, in the accreditation area, in the press room or in the conference rooms, with CHAtU it is easier to share information, strengthen business contacts and offer value-added services through state-of-the-art technology solutions.

With CHAtU you can …

Create your own wireless network

Save and share files via Wi-Fi

Expand Wi-Fi coverage

Charge your cellphone wirelessly

The solutions based on wireless communication from CHAtU offer a large number of advantages both for exhibitors and professionals and for organizers of fairs and congresses

Advantages for exhibition halls and venues

CHAtU allows to design highly efficient and flexible connectivity solutions for large enclosures.


  • Expand the power of Wi-Fi networks and ensure a good internet connection throughout the premises, including rooms and auditoriums.
  • Offer internet connection services, private network and document management in digital support as a value pack for exhibitors.
  • Enhance the image and organizational efficiency with the adoption of wireless technologies in the dissemination of useful information for visitors and exhibitors.
  • Save resources and space with the distribution of guides, brochures and other informative elements in digital format.
  • Easily and quickly disseminate your press releases so that they are accessible through the Wi-Fi network.

Advantages for exhibitors

With CHAtU devices you will have your Wi-Fi network and your own mini-server on the booth and you can share files in digital format quickly, easily and safely.


  • Allow visitors to obtain commercial information in digital format, directly on their device, even in the absence of commercial agents.
  • Configure private access folders to the mini-server to have your internal use files within reach, accessible through the wireless network.
  • Offer your customers and members of your team the possibility to charge their cellphone with the wireless charging function.
  • Take your CHAtU device to conferences and presentations, to easily share your documents.
  • Save resources and space by distributing documentation in digital format. It will also avoid the risk of running out of stock of commercial information.

Your Wi-Fi server, wherever you want

CHAtU devices are very easy to transport and install. Because they are small and lightweight, you can change its place easily. In addition, models with long battery life offer great autonomy.

Any space can easily become a point of attention and commercial promotion by installing your CHAtU. To fairs, exhibitions, congresses … anywhere you install your devices you will take your private Wi-Fi network and all the features of CHAtU.

Your files, safe

With CHAtU can protect access to your information with multiple layers of security that let you manage and share confidential documents with the same mini-server for internal use and public information simultaneously.

To configure the security level you need, you can connect your Wi-Fi network to the internet, protect it with an access password, configure users with different access permissions, and restrict access to certain folders and archives In addition, disconnecting the CHAtU will turn off the network and no document will be accessible.

Save costs, time and space with digital formats

With the digital format you will save printing, transporting, storing and displaying your informational and commercial materials, which will allow you to save resources and time and will make the task of the commercial team easier and more enjoyable. Replacing printed materials with information in digital format, CHAtU solutions help you develop a more sustainable activity, among other advantages:


Less paper

Reduce costs

Save time

Save space

Improve quality

Satisfied users


Share files easily


With total security


A model for every need

You can choose between the various models of CHAtU, which offer different levels of performance.

Customized solutions

We can advise you to design the solution that best suits your needs.

Reduces the use of paper with the publication and distribution of your files in electronic format. You will save on printing costs while taking care of the environment.